About Us

We understand the unique challenges that the Healthcare Industry face when it comes to extracting valuable business intelligence from their operational and business data. As a result, we collaborate closely with our clients to decode their business processes and navigate the complexities of this data-driven era. With our profound domain knowledge and unwavering dedication, we have developed a robust and feature-rich suite of solutions aimed at delivering value to stakeholders across the global healthcare industry.

One of our flagship offerings is SIRA Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), a comprehensive, integrated information system meticulously crafted to oversee all facets of hospital operations. This includes medical, administrative, financial, imaging, and the seamless processing of services. Our solutions cater to a wide spectrum of healthcare areas, including Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Small Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres (Lab & Radiology), Daycare Centres, Pharmacies & Material Management, Clinics & Doctors, as well as Patients & Employees. In addition, SIRA HIMS specializes in areas such as Quality Management, Medication Error Prevention, Infection Control, Patient Safety & Satisfaction, Decision-Making Support Systems, and Cost Control Software.

How we do it.

Our approach involves leveraging our industry knowledge, accumulated expertise, technological capabilities, and a range of service offerings to discern emerging business and technology trends. We then create tailored solutions that address the specific needs of the increasingly competitive market.

Through the development of customized solutions for the Healthcare Industry, we have enabled our clients to harness the full benefits of cutting-edge software technologies. Our endeavors revolve around the conception, design, development, and re-engineering of web-based businesses. Our portfolio encompasses managed IT services, application software development and maintenance, as well as IT consulting.

Among our notable products are SIRA Hospital Information Management System, SIRA Investigation Management System, SIRA Electronic Medical Records, SIRA Human Resource Management System, SIRA Inventory Management System, SIRA Asset Management System, SIRA PACs, and many more.

Our Products include: SIRA Hospital Management System, SIRA Human Resource Management System, SIRA Inventory Management System, SIRA Asset Management System, SIRA PACs and many more.

Our Mission

To create highly proficient, time-efficient, and cost-effective software solutions that empower smarter and faster decision-making processes.

Our Vision

To empower our customers to enhance patient care and improve the employee experience through our technology-driven solutions.