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IT Infrastructure

We understand how challenging it is for our clients in the Healthcare Industry to derive business intelligence from operational and business data. Hence, we work closely with them in deciphering their business processes and the challenges they face in this data driven information age. With deep domain knowledge and singular focus, we have built a robust, feature rich suite of solutions to deliver value to the stakeholders of the healthcare industry worldwide.

SIRA HIS is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of hospital operations, such as medical, administrative, financial, imaging and corresponding processing of services. We serves all the areas of health care like Multi Speciality Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Small Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers (Lab & Radio), Daycare Centres, Pharmacies & Material management, CLinics & Doctors, Patients & Employees. SIRA HMIS also specialized in Quality , Medications error , infection control , Patient Safety & satisfaction, Decision making system, Cost control softwares.

sira implementation based on


In the case of software implementation plan, scope creep will happen when you decide to set up and customize all the features of every capability at once. To avoid scope creep, Adhvit Innovations employ project management and best practices to software implementation plan to get successful implementation.


Next step after scope of work is assembling the team(s) necessary for success. The makeup of an implementation team will vary for every business, depending on the unique needs of business and the scale of implementation.


Training lead for the new system Point person for the new software. Likely leads the/a team that will use the system on a daily basis and has lead the charge for adoption from the beginning. Depending on the size of your business, this might be the extent of your implementation team. Smaller organizations might even have an implementation team of one.

User Adaption

No matter how great and intuitive the new system and tools you’ve selected are, implementation doesn’t equal adoption. You must put strategies in place to garner user acceptance and adoption of the new system. Without positive engagement around the product, you risk adoption falling flat and ruining the software implementation plan.